Past Scholarships


Past Scholarships

2010 - Josef Kramer (sponsored by Barbara Jinks) 

2012 - Alexa Sheppard (sponsored by Fiddlesticks)

2013 - Naomi Rowlands, Anna Armstrong, Caitlin Martin (sponsored by Wilhelmina Diemer) 
       - Melody O’Meara (sponsored by Fiddlesticks)
       - Anita Hillman, Louise Goodwin, Natasha Trinkle (anonymous sponsor)


2014 - Heidi Thickens, Kate Oleinkov (sponsored by Fiddlesticks)


2016 - Part scholarships to: Alex Knight, Alex Grenville, Summer Forest, Mikayla Branch-Spence, Balin Branch-Spence, Caitlin Martin & Willow Stephens

2017 - Laura Johnson (sponsored by Nasonie Charles)

       - Summer Forest (sponsored by Sunshine Fiddle Camp)

       - Ella Mitchell (sponsored by Sunshine Fiddle Camp)

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