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Rhiannon Fenn spent the better part of 12 years playing classical violin, studying extensively and leading orchestras by the time she was 16. But it was the intrigue of the folk world that changed her path and soon enough she found herself well and truly immersed in the culture. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Rhiannon finds inspiration in a wide variety of music, including Scandinavian, contemporary folk and popular music. She loves to push the boundaries when arranging tunes and songs so as to give a new light to an old tradition. She enjoys writing her own songs and recently these works have come to life in her band, The Mulberry Collective. As a member of multiple groups, Rhiannon has performed at major folk festivals around Australia, including Port Fairy, the National Folk Festival, National Celtic Festival and Woodford. Currently, Rhiannon is a

classroom music teacher and strives to share her knowledge and inspire students through music. 


Cellist Monique Bartkowiak hails from Brisbane, but brings a wealth of world experiences with her when she performs and teaches music. She has a driving passion for teaching that is fuelled by her love of Scottish, Scandinavian, American and other folk traditions, and fed by her training in classical music at the Queensland Conservatorium. As a singer-songwriter, she pushes the boundaries of conventional cello playing to accompany her voice, either solo or with her band The Mulberry Collective. She loves exploring and sharing the rhythmic possibilities of the cello, and the incredible harmonic palate available in combining cello and vocals. In 2016 she received funding to undertake a three-month professional development trip of the USA, attending programs and workshops in a variety of contemporary string playing and fiddle camps. Monique also spent time in Kabul as a guest artist at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, as part of respected Australian trio, The String Contingent.


Together as their folk duo, Rhiannon and Monique took home two awards, the Folk Alliance Australia Folk Youth Award and a Golden Fiddle award for Youth Achievement. They spent two years touring folk festivals around Australia whilst both studying their Bachelor of Music degrees and now perform in Brisbane-based contemporary folk band, The Mulberry Collective.

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